One of the Most Amazing Poll Numbers, right here in MA

In the world of politics, upsets are plausible, but not at all common. Nevertheless, although many voters have grown suspicious of the voting process as a whole, some shocking poll numbers are not just getting people talking, but it's also giving them hope. Particularly, last week, a new poll that was administered by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. The Shocking Details One of the most amazing upsets is the fact that Sen. Ed Marley opened up with a 12-point lead over Rep. Joe Kennedy III. This is almost unfathomable given that a Kennedy descendant could possibly lose a primary in the state of Massachusetts. Moreover, although there has been quite a bit of feedback and criticisms in te

Five House races around Suffolk County have contests on Tuesday

The state primary is being held on Tuesday, September 1st. There are several primary elections across Suffolk County for the House of Representatives. 2nd Suffolk: Daniel J. Ryan v. Damali Vidot In Charlestown and Chelsea, incumbent Daniel J. Ryan is being challenged by  Damali Vidot. Ryan has been endorsed by the ALF-CIO, Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards, and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz. Vidot is a Chelsea City Councilor and professional public speaker. Born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents, she has been endorsed by Sunrise Boston. 12th Suffolk: Cameron Charbonnier v. Stephanie Everett v. Jovan Lacet v. Brandy Fluker Oakley An open seat in the 12th Suffolk, which covers par

Mass. North Shore's 2020 Congressional Race

Seth Moulton is the Democratic incumbent candidate, hoping to continue his work putting people before politics. He won his first MA 6th district house of representatives seat in 2014, starting his term in January 2015. He believes strongly in upholding democracy and bringing a new generation of politics to Washington. He offers a progressive voice, advocating to abolish the electoral college and stand up to President Trump. The MA 6th district is one that often goes to a Democrat. Incumbent Seth Moulton has outraised his challengers, managing to raise more than his two opponents combined. The district is looking for strong leadership, job growth, and is one where people want change. Moulton

The Fight For Kennedy's Congressional Seat

The fight to replace Joe Kennedy III's open seat for the 4th congressional district is heating up. It's a tight race, and one where 20% or less of the vote could be enough to win the primary election. The Democrats in play are Jake Auchincloss, Becky Grossman, Alan Khazei, Ihssane Leckey, Natalia Linos, Jesse Mermell, Ben Sigel and Chris Zannetos. Republicans Julie Hall and David Rosa round out the field of candidates. There isn't a clear person in the lead at this time, as all polling hasn't shown anyone gaining 20% or more of the likely voters. The two candidates most likely in the front are Newton City Councilor Jake Auchincloss and Jesse Mermell, a former Brookline select board member. B

The Battle For the Senate: Joe Kennedy vs. Ed Markey

As with most races in the political arena, the battle for the senate in the city of Boston is quite heated this year. Featuring Joe Kennedy vs. Ed Markey, each of these candidates have made their own achievements and are considered to be qualified in their own rights. Nevertheless, the race seems to very much be a battle between those who want to maintain the status quo, and those who feel like new blood is required to propel us forward in the world of new normals. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at each of these candidates. Ed Markey For those who are interested in electing a more seasoned candidate, Ed Markey is the most obvious choice. With over 40 years of political experienc

How to Vote during the MA Primaries in Boston

With the various issues caused by the COVID-19 as well as the disruption of the Post Office and the role that plays in the overall process, many are concerned with finding the proper methods of ensuring their votes are heard. This is causing many people to take the time to research the new restrictions with regard to voting, and how these things may play a role in their ability to vote in the upcoming election. Especially considering the fact that the political realm is presently polarized on unprecedented levels, many people are more concerned than ever about the process of voting in general. With that in mind, the following is an overview of some key things to remember if you are voting in

More Boston restaurants to close

It's the place where everybody knows your name. At least, it used to be. Sad news came down this week that the Faneuil Hall location of Cheers! would be closing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With fewer tourists walking through Quincy Market and the nearby office buildings having sent everyone to work from home, owner Tom Kershaw announced in a press release that they would be closing their doors for good at the end of August. It closed temporarily in March at the outset of the pandemic and reopened again in June, but business has been too slow to remain viable. It's full capacity was for 300 people, but pandemic restrictions have cut that number in half. The Faneuil Hall location

Top 10 Outdoor Restaurant Patios in 2020

In a coronavirus world, staying safe means being in a well ventilated area. Here are ten terrific outdoor restaurant patios to enjoy in Boston. 1) Dorchester Brewing Company and M&M BBQ 1250 Massachusetts Ave., Dorchester T stop: Andrew and The brand new beer hall remains closed for now, but the Dorchester Brewing Company's roof deck provides great brews, great views, and great BBQ. On tap are a variety of house beers and selections from guest brands. 2) Guy’s Tequila Cocina 110 Causeway St., Boston T stop: North Station This Latin American-inspired restaurant is owned by none other than Guy Fierri. Here you can enjoy an al fresco margarita a

Understanding the Boston Licensing Board emergency meetings

In order to address public complaints and field questions in regard to Charlie Baker's newly announced restrictions for restaurants that were announced of August 10, 2020, the Boston Licensing Board opted to host four virtual emergency hearings. Particularly, three were created to address specific neighborhoods  — Allston/Brighton, the Seaport, and South Boston — the remaining meeting focused on beer gardens and large extensions. The Specifics While there was a wide variety of things discussed at these virtual meetings, here are the key points: Lines Must be Controlled: Although controlling the crowds can be challenging, it was made clear that restaurants are being given this task. Given tha

Top 5 Places to get a Pizza in Boston in 2020

No matter where you travel in the world, finding the best pizza is serious business. Boston is no exception. Nevertheless, with a plethora of places to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect place. That said, here are 5 of the top places to get pizza in Boston. Coppa Located at 253 Shawmut Ave., Coppa is stationed right near the E Berkeley stop at Tremont St, on route 9. With the patio open for lunch on weekends (Friday-Sunday) and dinner every night at 4 pm, customers have the option to eat one the scenic patio or simply walk or call for takeout. Serving amazing pizza with their legendary wood-fired crusts, no matter which toppings you choose, Coppa has you covered. Pastoral L

Top 5 Places to Find Awesome Hot Dogs in Boston in 2020

Craving a hotdog? You're not alone. In fact, it is estimated that Americans consume 20 million hotdogs annually and they are said to be served in 95% of homes in the United States. Nevertheless, not all hotdogs are created equal, and if you are in an area that you are unfamiliar with or simply have not yet found the best American restaurants in your area, finding a tasty hotdog can be a bit of a challenge. With that in mind, here are 5 places to find an awesome hotdog in Boston. Spike’s Junkyard Dogs A restaurant that boasts about having "the world's best hotdogs, maybe better", Spike's Junkyard Dogs actually doesn't sell any junk at all. Made from 100% beef, Spike's provides their customers

School superintendent calls on MA Governor Charlie Baker for more clarity on opening schools

After working on a Sunday to answer hundreds of emails about the pending reopening of schools, Superintendent William Burkhead decided to pen an open letter to the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents, the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Gov. Charlie Baker, and the state Commissioner of Education, Jeffrey Riley. Over the course of 3-pages, Burkhead strongly urged his colleagues in the educational sector to not just ask the "tough questions", but to demand answers from state executives in regard to the need for a comprehensive plan for reopening schools in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tweeted Letter Posted on Twitter this past Tuesday, August 11, Burk

US Jobless Claims Fall Unser 1 Million for First Time in 5 Months

For the first time in just over five months, the United States unemployment rate fell below 1 million. According to the Department of Labor, an estimated 963,000 people filed for first time unemployment during the week of August 3 which was better than experts predicted. While these numbers can be taken positively, they should be taken with a grain of salt as they continue to show that both small businesses and large workforces are having to make difficult decisions to close their doors permanently or cut significant portions of their workforce. Many people have the misconception that only small businesses are closing or laying off their staff, but the reality is far different. Just in the m

Democratic Nominee Joe Biden Picks CA Senator Kamala Harris as Running Mate

Joe Biden and Kamala  Harris made history on Tuesday when Biden decided to make Harris the first-ever African American woman and first person of Indian descent to be a Vice Presidential candidate. Long considered a favorite to be the VP choice of Biden, the duo is hoping that they'll have enough firepower to defeat President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence in the upcoming November election. Biden and Harris are no strangers to each other with both launching campaigns to be the next President in early 2019. However, Harris' stumbles on the debate stage and failure to garner enough support appeared to cost her a chance at the White House, but now she finds herself in a position of redemption an

Guide to Massachusetts New Gathering Rules

Whether it be because you are trying to work from home with your kids or simply miss seeing your friends, COVID-19 is causing many to feel restlessness and hopeless. With the crisis now stretching into its sixth month in the United States, many are wondering how much longer it will last. The reality is, that until there is a vaccine that is widely available to the global population, COVID-19-19 is unlikely to disappear. Specific to Massachusetts, cases are on an upswing which has prompted Governor Baker to announce a series of strategic moves aimed at stopping the spread of Coronavirus. For starters, the maximum number of people that can gather together indoors remains unchanged at 25; howev

Baker pauses reopening and cracks down on gatherings

Although it may have seemed as though Massachusetts was on the fast track to being fully reopened, the process has been put on hold indefinitely. Under the direction of Governor Charlie Baker, the state's reopening efforts have been put on hold and instead, Baker has stated that the state will focus on enforcing prevention methods, in order to limit community transmissions. Pausing on Step 2 of Phase 3 At a press conference that was held on Friday, August 7, Baker informed the public that step 2 of phase 3 would be on an indefinite hold. In particular, this means that there will be no live music venues or bars opening any time soon. Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, Baker has basically stat

Phase 3 of Sommerville's reopening plan indefinitely delayed due to rising Coronavirus cases

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in the Boston area, Somerville has announced plans to delay Phase 3 of their reopening plans. The decision was met with some surprise as most of the rest of Massachusetts announced on Friday, August 1 that they would continue with Phase 3 reopening plans. With that said, Somerville has the densest population outside of Boston so officials are understandably concerned about how quickly the Coronavirus could spread if an outbreak occurs. Phase 3 allows for the reopening of gyms, outdoor performance venues, indoor gatherings, movie theaters and cultural centers. Somerville is hopeful that the decision to postpone moving to Phase 3 will allow the city a chance - a

COVID-19 Testing in Boston

With COVID-19 continuing to cause distress worldwide, many Boston residents are wondering if, how, and where they should be tested for Coronavirus. With these questions at the top of people's minds, let's explore your testing options. If you are required to have a COVID-19 test or feel you be sick with the virus, the city of Boston has partnered with hospitals, pharmacies, and health centers throughout the city to provide testing options for local residents. Keep in mind that although testing is open to everyone, supplies are limited and health experts are asking that only those with symptoms and that need to take the test for a surgical procedure or something else should go to a testing sit

Death Penalty Overturned for Convicted Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

On April 15, 2013, at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev struck fear in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans both those at home watching and the millions of Boston area residents that soon became an integral part in the manhunt for the brothers throughout the city and nearby suburbs. Utilizing two homemade pressure cooker bombs deployed in backpacks that were left near the finish line of the race, the brothers killed 3 people while injuring hundreds more to include 17 that ultimately lost limbs. Shortly after images of the suspected bombers were released to the public, an unprecedented manhunt throughout the streets of Boston and

Patriots’ Players Opt Out Due to Covid 19

Although COVID-19 is continuing to cause significant disruption in the United States, professional sports are getting back on the fields much to the delight of fans nationwide. Earlier this week, the NBA resumed play at Disney in Orlando, FL operating from a bubble environment that keeps players, coaches, personnel and media confined to specific areas of the resort. Thus far, despite daily testing no one within the bubble has tested positive for Coronavirus. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for baseball where the season appears to be in jeopardy after multiple players from the Florida Marlins and St Louis Cardinals tested positive for the virus. When the NFL looks to begin their season

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