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Mayor Michelle Wu Plans to Veto City Council's Cuts to Police and Fire Budgets

Mayor Michelle Wu is set to veto the budget approved by the City Council last week, citing cuts made to her proposed budgets for the police and fire departments.

The City Council made approximately $15 million in adjustments to Wu’s proposed $4.6 billion budget for the next fiscal year. These adjustments included reducing the proposed increases to the Boston Police Department by about $3 million, the Boston Fire Department by approximately $735,000, and the city’s legal settlement fund by $4 million. The council reallocated these funds to other priorities, such as adding $4 million to the mayor’s Office of Housing and increasing the Youth Employment and Opportunity budget by $2 million, without reducing the overall spending level proposed by Wu.

Wu initially announced her intention to reverse the council’s cuts to public safety funding during a Boston Fire Department event on Sunday, as first reported by the Boston Herald.

Her formal response to the council, which includes a revised budget, is expected to be released Monday afternoon. In this revised version, Wu retained about $2 million of the council’s $15 million changes.

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association praised Wu’s decision to veto the council's cuts. "We applaud Mayor Wu for, not only prioritizing public safety, but moving to fully restore any irresponsible cuts to the police budget by a City Council seemingly more concerned with playing politics instead of providing the highest levels of public safety to the people of Boston," the city’s largest police union tweeted.


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