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Explore 3 Things to do in Boston this Memorial Day Weekend

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As the days grow longer and the sun graces us with its warmth, Bostonians and visitors alike eagerly anticipate Memorial Day Weekend. From serene swan boat rides to thrilling whale watching adventures, and even a symphonic journey through “Jurassic Park,” this weekend promises excitement and wonder.

Let’s dive into the three must-try activities that await you in the heart of Boston!

1. Swan Boat Ride in the Public Garden

For nearly 150 years, the Paget family has been providing visitors to Boston’s Public Garden with a unique perspective: a swan’s-eye view of the tranquil lagoon. What began as a single rowboat in 1877 has now evolved into a fleet of 12 graceful swan pontoons. With beautiful weather forecasted for the weekend, both tourists and residents can take advantage of this delightful experience. The 30-foot pontoon vessels, each accommodating 25 passengers and a driver, glide across the lagoon, allowing riders to appreciate the heart of Boston from a peaceful vantage point during the 15-minute ride. Swan boat rides are available daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 4 Charles St., Boston, with tickets priced between $3 and $4.50.

2. Whale Watching Adventure

The New England Aquarium’s whale watching season is finally underway, albeit a bit delayed this year due to the migration patterns of the endangered North Atlantic right whales. New England Whale Watch, in collaboration with Boston Harbor City Cruises, typically begins offering trips in March. However, this year’s season had to wait until last weekend to kick off. These exciting cruises provide thousands of passengers with an up-close encounter with whales. Departing from Boston’s Central Wharf, the high-speed catamarans embark on three- to four-hour journeys to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary—a prime feeding ground for various whale, dolphin, and bird species. While Friday’s whale watch tickets are already sold out, you can still secure your spot for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

3. Live Orchestra Screening of ‘Jurassic Park’

As part of its 2023-24 season, the Boston Symphony Orchestra pays homage to the legendary composer John Williams. Williams, who previously served as the BSO’s Music Director and currently holds the title of Boston Pops Laureate Conductor, has left an indelible mark on film music. Following successful performances of his compositions for the “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” franchises earlier in the season, Keith Lockhart and the Spring Pops orchestra will now present Williams’ iconic score for the 1993 blockbuster film “Jurassic Park.” The full-length movie will be projected in high definition, accompanied by the orchestra playing live throughout its thrilling two-hour runtime. Don’t miss this cinematic and musical experience on Friday, May 24, at 7:30 p.m., or catch the matinee shows on Saturday, May 25, at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.


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