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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban Dined at Renowned Boston Seafood Restaurant

PC: Brian Cuban - Instagram: @bcuban61

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might be feeling a bit down after the Boston Celtics secured a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals with a 105-98 win on Sunday night. However, the “Shark Tank” star seemed to be in brighter spirits earlier in the weekend while dining with his family at a popular Boston seafood restaurant.

Mark Cuban's brother, Brian, shared a photo on Instagram featuring Mark and other family members enjoying their visit to Jeremy Sewall’s Row 34 in the Seaport district.

Jeremy Sewall is a prominent figure in Boston’s seafood scene, known for his previous work with Island Creek Oysters and Eastern Standard. Over his extensive career, he has garnered multiple James Beard nominations.

Row 34 has also received significant praise, being named the best clam chowder in Boston by Lonely Planet, the best lobster roll by Boston magazine, and the best oysters by Bon Appétit. In addition to its Seaport location, Row 34 has expanded to Burlington, Cambridge, and Portsmouth, N.H.


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