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Boston is the Second Happiest City in the U.S. According to a New Report! See who is Number 1

Boston ranks as one of the happiest cities in America, according to a new report.

The Institute for Quality of Life’s annual Happy City Index, which evaluates the happiest cities globally, has named Minneapolis as the happiest city in the U.S., with Boston following closely behind.

This ranking is based on five key factors identified as crucial to urban happiness: citizens, governance, environment, economy, and mobility. The index encompasses 250 cities worldwide, categorizing them into golden, silver, and bronze tiers. The top 37 cities, known as golden cities, are deemed "the happiest locations in the world," with Minneapolis being the only U.S. city on this list at No. 18. Boston, at No. 38, leads the silver tier, which includes cities ranked 38-100. The bronze tier covers cities ranked 101-250.

The organization clarifies that it does not rank the top 37 golden cities in any specific order, stating, “One size does not fit all. We believe it is not possible to fairly identify a single city as the best in terms of ensuring the happiness of its inhabitants.” However, based on the overall scores, Minneapolis is placed 18th on the golden list, with Aarhus, Denmark, taking the top spot.

The report emphasizes, “Importantly, we do not analyze the happiness of an imaginary individual in every location in the world, but of people actually living in these cities.”

In addition to Minneapolis and Boston, eight other U.S. cities feature on the silver and bronze lists. On the silver list, Baltimore ranks No. 57 and Washington, D.C., ranks No. 85.

The bronze list includes San Francisco at No. 114, Salt Lake City at No. 145, Madison, Wis. at No. 167, Pittsburgh at No. 190, Rochester, N.Y. at No. 214, and Portland, Ore. at No. 237.

For the full ranking of the happiest cities, check out the complete report.


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