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You have 24 hours to cancel this promotion to receive a full refund.
After 24 hours you will receive an ad credit to use on a different promotion.

By checking out and submitting payment you are submitting a request to advertise. While we want to approve all ads, has the right to deny any advertisement request for any reason. If an advertisement request is denied, payment will be refunded in full within two weeks. does not guarantee Ad results or views, nor that it will reach all social media followers. If date is selected for the advertisement, we will post on that day. If we see a conflict with the date selected we will contact you before changing it. If there is no date selected, we will pick a date close to the submission date.

For contests, you must mail or email products to and we will mail them to the contest winner(s). You will receive the winner(s)’ contact information. reserves the right to edit or change any advertisement without notice.

By submitting payment you agree to these terms. 

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