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2020 Was a Memorable Year for Boston

2020 Was a Memorable Year for Boston


There is no denying that 2020 was a memorable year, both for good and bad reasons. A lot of people found new ways to adjust to the pandemic world. However, there were a lot of permanent changes this year, and some of them were positive. 

New Neil Diamond Song

This pandemic has helped a lot of musicians become more creative. Almost anything can be a great subject for a song, including hand washing. Seasoned singer and songwriter Neil Diamond found out that this was the case. He was more supportive about this subject than plenty of other musicians this year.


College Awareness

People have been talking about nepotism and cheating related to getting into college for a long time. This year, people were finally starting to do something about the issue. 

Boston Strong

It's easy for even small misspelled words to become memes these days. A long-distance runner left out the 'n' in the word 'strong' and briefly became well-known for it in a word that needed a good laugh. 

Fired Television Anchor

There was a controversial Netflix film that starred a local Boston television anchor. She lost her job as a result of her brief role in the film. 

Facial Recognition Resistance

Lots of people are afraid of the implications of facial resistance software, especially in a world where it seems that more things are becoming remote. There was some backlash to it this year. 

New Coffee and Doughnut Merchandise

Popular doughnut and coffee national chains have been particularly famous in Boston for a while. This chain actually has even more merchandise and products now, which managed to help the people who needed some novelty in a year of quarantines. 

Smaht Park

It seems that Boston itself was able to get more attention this year, and the incident with Smaht Park helped to show that. Many people are going to be watching that ad for some time. 

Celtics Seltzer

The earliest days of 2020 seem to have nothing in common with the pandemic sections. However, people are still probably going to remember the targeted seltzer that was used in a Celtics game to get a reaction. 

College Celebrations

While people were concerned about the possibility of the virus spreading at colleges, many college students were at least able to make the most of their return to school, since there were so many delays. 

Outdoor Events

People may have stayed indoors throughout much of the year. However, since outdoor events were demonstrably safer, a lot of people also tried to find a way to celebrate outside more dramatically than they have in years. 

Political Reforms

People have been talking about reforming the police all year. It seems that Boston is truly making progress in that regard. 

Boston Sinkhole

There were cutbacks related to park maintenance, perhaps resulting in a sinkhole in a local park. Many Boston residents are concerned about it. 

Public Transportation

While people have been relying on public transportation in Boston for a long time, it was obviously used less heavily this year. However, that still does not mean that the people in charge of running Boston public transportation were able to make as much progress as they would like. There were delays in new subway cars. Boston residents may use public transportation differently in the future.


Streaming Concerts

People have learned how to cope with the changes of 2020 in different ways. The streamed concerts of 2020 allowed them to do so in a very fundamental way. More than two hundred and seventy shows were streamed in 2020, demonstrating the resilience of Boston musicians. 

Removed Statues

In 2020, people started debating the merits of having historical statues with outdated or offensive elements in public. Some of these statues were defaced, while others were removed entirely, which shows that there has been a demonstrable shift in the public's opinion on the subject. 

Aggressive Turkeys

Many people still believe that turkeys are relatively harmless. In fact, these enormous birds are very confrontational, and some local individuals had some conflicts with them. At certain point, it almost looked as if turkeys were reclaiming Boston itself, since people in the city were less a

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